Restaurant Review: Reverie Cafe + Bar

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I hadn’t heard of Reverie Cafe & Bar until my sister Jessica had told me it about a month or so ago. When I went to go visit her recently, she insisted that we check it out. We both had plenty of homework to do that weekend, and Jessica said that Reverie has a coffee shop atmosphere perfect for that. She was right. The restaurant is very laid-back, and has lots of great vegan options!

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Reverie is owned by Kristin Wiegmann and Jeff Therkelsen, and the restaurant recently transformed to include their new, entirely plant-based menu. The menu includes items like soups, sandwiches, breakfast foods, and cookies. They also have a full coffee bar, local tap beers, and kombucha,  a fermented probiotic drink.

I’ll admit that it took me a long time to decide what to order at Reverie…I was torn for a while between the Jackfruit Cubano (a twist on pulled pork, with jackfruit in a smoky sauce, served on a Vietnamese French roll with garlic aioli and pickled onions) and the Cauliflower Po’ Boy (Cauliflower steak with smoked paprika cashew remoulade on a toasted baguette). I decided to go with the Po’Boy, and Jessica went with the Cubano so we could share.

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The Cauliflower Po’ Boy was very flavorful; the smoked paprika cashew remoulade added a nice flavor to the sandwich. My only suggestion  would have been to batter and fry the cauliflower, because traditional po’boy sandwiches include fried chicken or shrimp. It would have been nice to have a crunchier texture, but the overall flavors were great in the sandwich. In addition, I ordered the coconut curry lentil soup, which was delicious and hearty.

The Jackfruit Cubano was also delicious. I only had a few bites of it because it was Jessica’s, but I kinda wish I would’ve ordered it instead. The jackfruit was a great meat substitute. The fruit pulls apart and has the same texture as pulled pork– it’s pretty strange but it works!

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There’s more to Reverie than just food and drinks; they have live music performances regularly. There’s Thursday Jazz Night, and performances from local and national bands. For a full schedule of Reverie’s events, click here.  They have something new almost every day!

The restaurant also has a daily happy hour,  from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Happy hour includes  $4 pints and $2 off wine, and a $11 pint and tacos special.

Reverie is open at 7 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends. Closing time depends on the music events that happen nightly, but they are never open after 1 a.m. They’re located at 1931 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars 🙂

17 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Reverie Cafe + Bar

  1. This restaurant sounds very “Minneapolis”! I do like how Minneapolis, of all places in the U.S. has become a leader in hipster-y, next-gen, alternative places to eat and drink. Local brewing seems to be the biggest of all trends right now and I have tried out a couple places in downtown Minneapolis that seem similar to Reverie. Your pictures remind me of taproom called Fulton Brewery, which is not too far from the Reverie, in downtown Minneapolis. Fulton doesn’t have a full menu but the atmosphere that you described about live music makes them sound similar and I bet Reverie has/does serve some of Fulton Brewery’s beer too. Great post and I think the photos of the food and environment make the post even better!

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  2. This all looks and sounds great! I love that there are so many substitutes out there for vegans. It seems like there are always more and more restaurants catering to the lifestyle. What are some other places you have tried, and what advice would you have for someplace around Mankato, Minnesota?


    1. Some of my favorite places are Hard Times Cafe and French Meadow Cafe in Minneapolis. In Mankato, Pub 500 has a few vegan options on their menu! If you’ve ever been to New Bohemia (bratwurst/beer place), the one in Mankato serves vegan sausages from the Herbivorous Butcher..the red and green curry one is great! It can be tough to find vegan options in restaurants in Mankato, though and I do wish there were more. It can be a little awkward asking for substitutions at first, but some restaurants are willing to make accommodations! At India Palace, you can substitute cauliflower or other vegetables in place of meat. Their tikka masala with cauliflower instead of chicken is really good!

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  3. PBG,

    As I was reafing this I couldn’t help but think of French Meadow Cafe, which I then saw you mention in the comments. I love trying new things and even healthier substitutions, even though I don’t choose to be vegan or vegetarian. I think it’s fun to explore how one food item can act as another. My friend who goes to St.Thomas took me there and although it was super hot and humid during the summer I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I love smaller places like this that tend to have live music as well. Would also love to check out Fulton because I as well love Sweet Child of Vine! Thanks for sharing a new place I am curious to check out! I think my friend who showed me French Meadow would love it!

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    1. That is awesome! French Meadow is kinda on the spendier side but I’ve gone for breakfast and dinner and there’s always something good 😀 I wanna point out that Reverie is a little cheaper than French Meadow too, which is nice.


  4. This restaurant sounded very interesting. I wasn’t sure if it was a Mankato restaurant that I had just never noticed before, but it makes more sense that it is something from the cities. I think the larger population would help with the success of such a hipster like restaurant. I’ve never been there so I do not know if it is actually hipster but you made it sound like it would have that kind of vibe. Even though I am from the cities, I avoid driving in Minneapolis/St.Paul as much as I can, but if I get the chance to visit this restaurant I will have to give it a try.

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  5. This place sounds really interesting to check out! How many restaurants are there in the cities that you could recommend that are comparable to this one? As a fan of anything that is edible, I am always looking for new places to check out. Also, this was a great post, the pictures really captured that atmosphere super well, and I really liked your descriptions of the food!


    1. I would recommend Hard Times Cafe! It’s on Riverside in Minneapolis. It’s vegan, kinda that hipster-y coffee shop vibe. I ordered a falafel plate there for $11 and it was SO much food. Most other places can get spendy, but I would narrow it down to Hard Times and Reverie for being the most affordable!


  6. PBG,
    Super interesting restaurant review! Usually when I stumble across restaurant reviews, they order the most fattening, caloric, and greasy item on the menu (what some may call the best thing on the menu). This is a good change! I’m really liking this post because your photos give so much more into what the vibe was in the restaurant. Thanks for sharing, I’d love to go visit!

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  7. Just to start off that Cauliflower Po’ Boy looks absolutely amazing! I was just wondering how much all of the menu items cost you? I think it’s very interesting that I have driven by Reverie many times and I have always wondering what kinds of foods they had. My dad’s body shop is pretty so I’ll definitely have to take a peak inside.


  8. I love trying out new restaurants and you detail this restaurant so well that I might have to try it out the next time I go out to eat in Minneapolis. What I love the most about this post is the honesty you display. You weren’t afraid to give suggestions on what you thought would had made the food or experience better.

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  9. I’m pretty basic and usually stick to the same restaurants when I go out to eat but you did a great job in convincing me to get out of my comfort zone! Your post seemed very professional and you definitely backed up your opinion with reputable sources like CityPages. I thought it was really cool of you to acknowledge the ownership and include pictures of what the restaurant looked like, it really helped me get an idea of what the environment is like! Most importantly for a college student on a budget I liked the inclusion of the happy hour times and menu haha

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      1. I will definitely keep it in mind! There’s usually a night that I’m out downtown whenever I’m home so I’ll just have to start the night a little earlier next time so I can check it out!

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